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Chicken Coop (modular)

$100 by Bookoo Fan 4709 in Beaufort, Feb 03
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Chicken Coop (modular) in Beaufort

We are selling our old chicken coop. We built it in 2013 to house our first six hens. It is 3' deep, 4' wide, and 3' tall. This does not include any run, just the coop. It was built to be modular, so it does disassemble for easy transport. When we moved to a property with more land and got more chickens we brought this along to use as a quarantine coop, but we don't need it anymore. It needs a good sweeping out, but past that it's in descent shape and has a lot more life left. It has functional shutters that can be left open for summer ventilation or closed for winter warmth, it has a chicken door (pictured) and a larger human door on the other side for collecting eggs and cleaning. We originally had it up on legs, but now it's on some paver stones. It will house six standard sized hens or around eight bantams. When we originally built it I wrote a blog post about it's construction with lots of photos here:
More pictures with it in it's current state is available upon request. The linoleum floor is a bit chewed away from the door area from when we were housing a rabbit, and I believe one inner shelf has been removed, but mostly it just needs a good cleaning.

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